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Connect Karaoke is an online songbook and request system

Run your show with Siglos Karaoke Professional and get rid of printed songbooks and paper slips. Your customers can use their phones to browse your song library and make requests.

How does it work?

When you run your karaoke show from your laptop with Siglos Karaoke Professional software and you have internet connection, you can have your customers browse your song collection and submit requests from their phones via this website.
To connect, customers need to enter your show name and then provide a code (optional).
You do not need to download your song database or any other data. All is done locally on your laptop by Siglos software.

Click here for video tutorials.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for all active Siglos Karaoke Professional users.

Important: you need to have a license for Siglos Karaoke Professional (it currently costs $119) and active support plan (the purchase includes one year of support, renewals for additional years are avaiable).

Who are we?

We are Doblon, a software company that makes karaoke software under Power Karaoke brand for 19 years.

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